Getting real with connectivity

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Yesterday, we were delighted to welcome Minister Ossian Smyth T.D. to our stand at MWC2022, and get the opportunity to show him how Cubic is transforming automotive, transport and agriculture. We spent some time with industry analysts and tech journalists too.

As for day 3 of MWC, today was something of a whirlwind tour around some of the less tangible aspects of connectivity. On a day when several sessions were geared towards talking about investors, there were also a lot of talks on possibilities, future applications of tech, and the big ideas that aren’t quite up and running but everyone’s excited (or sceptical) about.  A quick rundown:

  • The day kicked off with a keynote on “FinTech and Metaverse”, with experts from Sotheby’s and Mobilium among others discussing NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and the growing complexity of financial assets.
  • The session on the evolution and reach of 5G gaming gave interesting insights, not just into gaming, but into how the technologies that enable gamers to play anytime, anywhere could soon spill over into areas like healthcare, education and entertainment. Think surgeons training in virtual theatres or specially designed gaming controllers being used in rehab centres and you get the idea. The panellists, including representatitves from Google, Amazon Web Services and CGA Simulation also talked about how bringing cloud services right up to the edge will have significant impacts on smart transport, cities and vehicles. Very interesting!
  • “In AI we Trust” covered some of the more challenging aspects of artificial intelligence, including security, privacy and ethics. The panellists from Kaspersky, Telefonica and Microsoft, among others, talked about how we can make AI more inclusive, secure and responsible.
  • At “Know Your Customer” panellists from across the connectivity ecosystem discussed how to navigate an increasingly complex customer journey to find new opportunities and create even better cross-channel customer experiences. Virgin Media’s Sarah Buschmann spoke about the importance of relevance, and viewing the customer as a single person, rather than a book. The Guardian’s Tom Hunter agreed, saying that the drive to personalisation and relevance is coming directly from customers. You can learn more about our CEO Barry Napier’s take on how important this will be for automakers in this blog post.
Cubic Telecom at MWC 2022
We’re off to what should be a really interesting discussion about Engineering the Cloud-Car Ecosystem shortly, which we’ll no doubt want to talk about tomorrow. At Cubic, we’re always excited to talk about how connectivity is re-defining the way we move people and goods around the world – from automotive to precision agriculture, smart transportation and fleet management. If you’re interested too, drop by our stand in Hall7 7D1 for a chat, we’d love to meet you.
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