Cubic connects over 1M connected cars

Cubic Telecom today announced that it has technically enabled more than one million cars since launching its software platform 15 months ago.  Cars are connecting every day in more than 35 countries across 40 mobile networks.  Customer OEMs include blue-chip brands within the Volkswagen Group.

Cubic Telecom has designed software which is preloaded at the manufacturing stage which is necessary for a car to simply connect to any secure high-speed LTE network once the car has been delivered to the customer.  Cubic Telecom works closely with car manufacturers to enable key services and local content via split billing and location-based usage.  Using the Microsoft Azure cloud, Cubic Telecom provides the car OEMs with the flexibility to add content services efficiently and to securely scale the connected car programme to their global fleet.

Cubic Telecom is ahead of the curve in enabling customers to extend their digital lives into their car.  As the only established technical enabler with more than one million connected cars to date, Cubic Telecom is now recognised as the leader to the Automotive OEMs, making partnering directly with tier 1 mobile network operators critical. The company is working to further support the range of in-car applications, local content and how the car communicates with its external environment.  As each customer demands their own unique content enabled in real-time, Cubic Telecom delivers.

“Cubic has become the lead enabler for Automotive OEMs, reaching more than one million cars is a huge milestone for the team at Cubic Telecom. In January, with Qualcomm, we announced a solution designed to support automakers with over-the-air feature updates and applications to help drive connected vehicle services worldwide.  Scaling for growth is the company’s key focus,” said Barry Napier, CEO of Cubic. “Cubic is not here to replace the role of the mobile network operator, rather integrating our technology into their core architecture has ensured we are the trusted enabler to connect the car onto any network globally. We provide our partners with a secure architecture that meets local requirements and regulatory compliance for global deployment and that is why we chose Azure as our cloud foundation.  As Microsoft has become the market leader in this space, it’s the natural choice for Cubic.”

Kevin Dallas, Corporate Vice President IoT and Intelligent Cloud Business Development at Microsoft added, “Hitting one million connected vehicles is an important milestone and a critical benchmark for the fast-growing, connected car market. We’re proud Cubic has bet on Microsoft’s Azure cloud to enable and improve services for auto manufacturers and its vehicles such as health checks, engineering program cost-cutting, and being able to share reporting in real time across some of the world’s leading mobile networks and technology players. This demonstrates our combined commitment to enhancing driver’s experiences with connected-vehicle technology innovations.”

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About Cubic

Cubic solves the challenges presented by providing true end-to-end connectivity, safely and securely, anywhere on the planet. For the full lifecycle of any device. As the scope of mobile technologies has changed, our remit has expanded: helping some of the world’s best-recognised innovators deliver on their vision for the services and functionality they want their customers to enjoy. Our reach extends far beyond the connection, into granular per-device/service billing, data analytics, services and near real-time alerting that enable next-generation mobility services. This is the vision that has taken us to 15 million devices connected in more than 190 countries globally in 2023. Today, our team enables cars, drones, tractors, trucks, buses, cranes and the next generation of IoT devices to meet their full potential.