Cubic powers Cape to Cape race

Global connected software provider Cubic Telecom today announced it has teamed up with HP and others to power the connectivity for the in-car technology for the team taking on the famed Cape to Cape race.

The race takes drivers on a world-record setting nine-day course from the southern Cape of Africa to the northern Cape of Norway (11,800 miles or 19,000 km). The car will be outfitted with the latest in-car technology, sensors and connectivity technology powered by Cubic Telecom to ensure the driver, vehicle and surrounding environmental data can be tracked and shared in real-time on a continuous basis as it drives through 19 countries and passes over 20 mobile networks at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour.

“For HP, the Cape to Cape race aims to push the boundaries of the connected car space. But, to make this happen, it is critical that we have the best possible wireless connectivity at all times,” commented the Cape to Cape team at HP. “We tapped Cubic Telecom for their ability to provide constant, robust connectivity everywhere.”

The initiative will allow fans to stay connected to driver stats, location updates and other details in real-time. Researchers will also be able to collect data aimed at the advancement of autonomous vehicle technology, insurance data points, road conditions, driver vital signs and much more. By leveraging Cubic Telecom’s global connectivity platform, HP will be able to provide the highest quality output and constant stream of data and insights via the connected car.

“The Cape to Cape race is an amazing feat in stretching the very limits of human, automotive, machine-to-machine and wireless connectivity capabilities,” said Barry Napier, CEO of Cubic Telecom. “We’re excited to be the provider chosen to enable constant, global connectivity for what may be one of the harshest possible environments for the connected car.”

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