Reuters Panel: Drive to Net Zero

Europe, China and the US have seen increased market penetration with an accelerated investment in electrification. With global targets set, how are OEMs preparing for EV domination?  

At Reuters Automotive 2021 events Cubic Telecom CEO, Barry Napier joined leaders from Polestar, Audi and Fisker to discuss:

  • The need for a global definition of ‘carbon neutral’ in terms of the automotive sector.
  • How do OEM’s ensure a full end-to-end audit trail given that automotive supply chains are complex and global 
  • Will OEM’s that can fully verify carbon neutrality will gain competitive advantage
  • How OEM’s will manage changing partnerships given the fluid nature of supplier/manufacturer relationships
  • If the journey to carbon neutrality will be mainly driven by legislation, or will consumer opinion accelerate change?

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