Barry Napier speaks at Endeavor’s Scale-Up Summit

Barry Napier
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Earlier this year our CEO Barry Napier became the first Irish entrepreneur on the highly-coveted Endeavor Programme, joining the ‘Founders for Founders’ network focused on high-impact entrepreneurship movement.

Following a rigorous selection process that usually sees less than 5% of candidates become part of the world-renowned programme, Barry gained unanimous approval from expert panelists and will now join an exclusive cluster of like-minded individuals to focus on high-impact entrepreneurship movement.

“It is an honour to join the Endeavor network as its first Irish member,” said Barry. “I look forward to joining fellow entrepreneurs and industry leaders from around the world who are each focused on the same vision. With this insightful group of individuals, I hope to play my part in stimulating activity in exciting global sectors.”

In a similar timeframe, the Endeavor Programme has evolved to reflect the new challenges and opportunities faced across global markets, propelled by its 550-strong global team who identify and recruit leading entrepreneurs such as Barry to help achieve a more equitable and prosperous future for everyone. Today, Endeavor has established a presence in nearly 40 markets across Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

“It is my pleasure to welcome Barry to the Endeavor network,” said Rory Guinan, the Managing Director at Endeavor Ireland. “With his clear vision throughout multiple markets, he will help accelerate our global efforts going forward.”

On September 25th Barry was also invited to speak at the 2020 Endeavor Scale-Up Summit with like-minded individuals Lidiya Dervisheva (Partner, Next47) and Gregory Duval (MD of US Transportation and Logistics sector, HSBC) for a highly interactive, educational and engaging conversation of the future of IOT and Autonomous Vehicles– the recording of which can be found here.

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