Audi chose Cubic Telecom as its strategic partner for intelligent insights

Discover how Audi, a leader in adopting advanced technologies, is now firmly established on its digital journey with the support of Cubic Telecom.


Vehicle manufacturers are experiencing intensive digital transformation challenges. While the future of cars is autonomous, shared, and electric, the implementation of this requires strategy, flexibility, and integrated connected software to meet drivers’ expectations. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, brands demand ‘best in class’ user experience to maintain market lead in automotive technologies. 

Cubic Solution

Cubic Telecom delivers an integrated and secure software platform across multiple cellular networks to simplify connectivity management across Audi’s fleet.

Enabling quick and simple configuration, our Platform for Application & Connectivity Enablement (PACE) bypasses complex IT integration and delivers a seamless, premium brand experience for Audi’s customers.

Through one contract, one integration, and one platform, Audi uses Cubic’s end-to-end solution to ensure drivers activate local networks every time, everywhere, experiencing uninterrupted connectivity no matter where they travel.

  • PACE for managing globally connected software and accessing real-time insights in one centralised platform
  • Information and entertainment integrated within Audi’s Virtual Cockpit
  • In-car streaming and connected infotainment services, with minimal latency
  • Complete access to navigation, route guidance and mapping, digital radio and music streaming
  • Global and local network access, operator agreements negotiated and managed by team of experts at Cubic Telecom
  • Multiple country and market access; all regulatory compliance handled by Cubic Telecom legal team
"Cubic Telecom’s technical solution allows Audi to drive efficiency and competency in our delivery of connected services, enhancing the ultimate driving experience Audi customers have come to expect.”
Jens Kötz
Connected Architecture, Energy and Security Lead at Audi AG
About Audi

A world leading automobile manufacturer in the premium segment, the Audi name has become synonymous with revolutionary new developments in engineering and technology. Audi is located in more than 100 markets and has manufacturing bases in 13 countries. Audi is shaping mobility of the future everyday, with ambitions to transition into electric vehicles through an ecosystem of connected software.

  • 100 markets globally
  • 90K employees worldwide (60K employees in Germany)
  • Connected software by Cubic Telecom in 90+ markets