Data-Driven Transformation

Data Driven Transformation with Cubic's INSIGHTS Solution

With INSIGHTS, we provide state-of-the-art vehicle data analytics to give our clients the connected intelligence they need to drive their data driven transformation and maintain competitive advantage

Data from multiple devices and services enables real-time performance monitoring and advanced reporting, empowering people across the organisation to make informed decisions.

How it works

Every day we collect and correlate millions of vehicle data points. INSIGHTS pulls this all into a data lake where it is transformed and surfaced using a range of Business Intelligence tools.

We present it back to customers through real-time dashboards and monthly reports, customised to their specific requirements.

With real-time monitoring and alerting notifications, you will have actionable insights to fine-tune the way you interact with vehicles and connected services and drive a data-driven transformation.

Real-time data for timely business decisions

Every enterprise group benefits from key information surfaced through our easily digestible dashboards and reports, from performance analysis for engineers to consumer insights for executives.

Armed with simplified and visualised data, INSIGHTS gives vehicle manufacturers context when monitoring their fleets. It empowers you to drive continuous improvement at speed. 

INSIGHTS use cases

Alerts & performance monitoring

With complete visibility of the data streams going in and out of a vehicle, we provide you with a real-time view of traffic — whether it’s a complete macro view of how a global fleet is performing, or digging down into a single vehicle view.

Real-time monitoring and alert options can be filtered and customised for different operational needs. We make technical teams proactive and put them on front foot when it comes to ensuring uptime and availability. 

Advanced forecasting

INSIGHTS tracks and analyses every aspect of connected services, presenting our customers with an opportunity to understand the proposition and its value driving a data-driven transformation.

With this visibility, you can assess what in-vehicle services are performing best and better inform procurement decisions.

INSIGHTS helps our customers optimise user experience by spotting trends and offering predictive analytics techniques to identify opportunities.

Analyse at scale

By analysing huge volumes of data at scale, INSIGHTS unlocks evidence-based decision-making and helps identify and target emerging value propositions before competitors.

Our Platform for Application & Connectivity Enablement (PACE) makes it easy to integrate business systems and manage globally connected devices or fleets.

Gain insights on how specific content services are being consumed across your global fleets. PLXOR arms you with visualised data to optimise vehicle performance and user experience.

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