Cubic Telecom delivers intelligent connected software to Arrival’s commercial electric vehicle fleet

Arrival designs and manufactures next-generation EVs tailored to the commercial market, at the same price as fossil fuel equivalents. 


The EV market is poised to explode worldwide. Arrival needed to find a trusted globally connected software solution that could be embedded in their commercial electric vehicle fleet. 

This required a unique digital experience to enable Arrival’s vehicles to adapt to any mobility ecosystem. With plans to deploy tens of thousands of zero-emission EVs for Uber, UPS, and Royal Mail, the UK-based startup had to find ways to differentiate their offerings and capture valuable market share.

Cubic Solution

Arrival integrated our Platform for Application & Connectivity Enablement (PACE) into its electric commercial vehicle fleet. PACE provides drivers with the data they need for an enhanced, intelligent mobility experience.

Combined with Over-The-Air (OTA) provisioning and advanced analytics, Cubic Telecom delivers an integrated and secure software platform that simplifies connectivity management across boundaries—while increasing Arrival’s safety and operating efficiencies.

  • Integrated intelligent connected vehicle solution
  • Software and advanced eSIM technologies embedded at manufacturing stage
  • One contract, one integration, and one platform, which are at the core of Cubic Telecom’s global offering
  • Real-time and Over-The-Air update capabilities
  • The PACE platform gives electric vehicle fleets full visibility of nearby charging stations, battery levels, real-time navigation, and telematics
  • A core service enabling reliability and efficiency
  • Predictable vehicle maintenance to reduce downtime
"Arrival is making Generation 2.0 Electric Vehicles — that means ensuring we create a world-class connected experience. For our customers this means that our technology must enable their fleets to operate as efficiently, reliably and seamlessly as possible. We are confident that by using Cubic Telecom’s trusted EV connectivity solution we can deliver exactly that."
Avinash Rugoobur photo
Avinash Rugoobur
CSO, Arrival
About Arrival

Arrival is a technology company creating the World’s first Generation 2.0 electric vehicles – EVs for the same price as petrol and diesel equivalents. Arrival’s ambition is to remove all barriers to EV adoption, starting with cost. The company has taken a unique approach, designing its vehicles entirely from the ground-up. The result? Affordable, light, modular EVs with a range of up to 300 km and a 50% reduction of total cost of ownership.

  • $118M investments , making Arrival one of the UK’s largest unicorns
  • 10,000 bespoke purpose-built EV’s ordered by UPS
  • 1,800 staff globally
  • Valued at $13 billion on its NASDAQ debut

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