Optimise and Personalise

Now you can optimise and personalise the content services your fleets are consuming in a simplified way with PLXOR.

Data works best when it works intelligently. Now you can optimise and personalise the content services your fleets are consuming in a simplified way with PLXOR.

Armed with visualised data, PLXOR gives you the insights that matter most. Use it to optimise vehicle performance, personalise connected services, and enrich customer experience. Define the future of connected services on your own terms.

Which services are consuming your data?

As in-car connected services take off and automotive manufacturers forge relationships with third-party content providers (SiriusXM, Spotify, Amazon Music etc.), they have historically not had visibility into how these services are being consumed within the vehicle.

Enter PLXOR. Our traffic classification solution segments data into infotainment, navigation and telemetry at a service level, offering granular insights.

Data-driven decision making

With PLXOR vehicle manufacturers can see how demand for specific content services varies across regions and demographics. This helps them make informed decisions about go-to-market strategies and which third-party providers to partner with.

With more granular intelligence, you can ensure in-car services enrich the customer experience throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle.

PLXOR use cases


Using PLXOR, content and services consumed by vehicles can be classified and controlled on a per-car, per-fleet, per-region basis. With its global split-billing functionality, each service can be billed separately.

Personalised services

Vehicle manufacturers can use PLXOR to tailor pricing strategies and offer personalised content packages based on individual preferences. The data informs preferred in-car entertainment options and can be used to prompt changes and avoid churn.

Advanced Visibility

Analyse data consumption and usage by application and content type across a series of easily understandable dashboards and reports.

Service identification and control

Vehicle manufacturers can manage multiple devices though a single window, and retain control of data consumption, becoming the gatekeeper of content streaming.

Business Intelligence

We empower customers with connected intelligence and the insights they need to achieve competitive advantage. PLXOR helps transform cars into digital platforms, opening the door to revenue-generating partnerships with content providers.

Armed with regionalised service consumption data, you will have better visibility over the cost and viability of content providers, and know what features to push out to different vehicles to boost the lifecycle value.

Our Platform for Application & Connectivity Enablement (PACE) makes it easy to integrate business systems and manage globally connected devices or fleets.

Understand how your customers interact with vehicles and connected services. Data from multiple devices and services enables real-time performance monitoring and advanced reporting.

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