Connecting cars to the future of mobility

SDCVs (software defined connected vehicles) are reshaping the future of auto. People will start to care less about brake horsepower and more about the connectivity they receive in their vehicle. According to McKinsey, 95% of new vehicles sold globally will be connected by 2030, and connected car use cases could deliver 250 billion USD to $400 billion USD in annual incremental value.

The focus on software not hardware means OEMs can increase the value of a vehicle or device by adding new functionality, over-the-air (OTA). OTA updates will improve safety, comfort and performance, and AI will open up new collaborations and business models. But to enable this new world, OEMs need an easy way of connecting SDCVs no matter where they are in the world so they can be digitally enhanced.

Unlock the value of software defined connected vehicles

Cubic Telecom’s mission is to solve connectivity challenges for OEMs so they can capitalise on the enormous commercial opportunities the SDCV era will deliver the industry. We have been delivering advanced software-defined connected vehicle solutions in over 190 countries around the world, for some of the world’s largest OEMs.

Our technology doesn’t just enable connectivity, it also delivers OEMs the ability to use it for maximum advantage. We allow OEMs to monitor, manage and update many aspects of a vehicle or device in real-time, globally, via mobile connectivity – meaning vehicles can be tailored to the requirements of a country or region while complying with different regulatory mandates.

We make it easier to manage next-generation services, while offering advanced analytics to optimise customer experience and drive profitability.
Whether it’s powering an autonomous digital platform or Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), we are a strategic partner on your journey towards software-defined vehicles.

Benefits and capabilities
  • Software-driven: Our intelligent platform puts you at the centre of your own ecosystem. We deliver a scalable, simple software solution at speed, that integrates with multiple IT platforms.
  • Single point of control: Our Platform for Application & Connectivity Enablement (PACE) helps automotive OEMs orchestrate global propositions, with zero-touch device registration and lifecycle management through a customisable portal.
  • Advanced analytics: Access data insights to optimise and personalise connected services and enrich customer experience. Our PLXOR solution provides data traffic classification, arming you with a single unified view of how content services are consumed across global fleets.
  • Monitoring and alerting: Our INSIGHTS solution provides the business intelligence you need for full visibility into how your fleet is operating, with built-in real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities.
  • Proven and trusted: We are proud to connect over 17 million+ devices and vehicles over 190 countries for some of the world’s largest manufacturers. 
Cubic PLXOR for Automotive

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