Connecting cars to the future of mobility

We are powering connected intelligence to enhance the value and experience of mobility services, now and into the future. Our global connected car software solutions provide you with a range of key services, spanning everything from infotainment to telemetry. Combined with Over-The-Air (OTA) provisioning and updates, we help you increase lifecycle value with service models that will excite your customers. 

Unlock the value of connected vehicles

Cubic Telecom provides solutions to fast-track and future-proof digital transformation in the automotive industry. We make it easier to manage next-generation services, while offering advanced analytics to optimise customer experience and drive profitability.

Our end-to-end service ensures regulatory compliance with legal, tax and security regulations, no matter where vehicles are sold.

We strive to continuously evolve and improve our connected car software with the latest innovations driven by data insights. Whether it’s powering an autonomous digital platform or Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), we are a strategic partner on your journey towards software-defined vehicles.

Benefits and capabilities
  • Software-driven: Our intelligent platform puts you at the centre of your own ecosystem. We deliver a scalable, simple software solution at speed, that integrates with multiple IT platforms.
  • Single point of control: Our Platform for Application & Connectivity Enablement (PACE) helps automotive OEMs orchestrate global propositions, with zero-touch device registration and lifecycle management through a customisable portal.
  • Advanced analytics: Access data insights to optimise and personalise connected services and enrich customer experience. Our PLXOR solution provides data traffic classification, arming you with a single unified view of how content services are consumed across global fleets.
  • Monitoring and alerting: Our INSIGHTS solution provides the business intelligence you need for full visibility into how your fleet is operating, with built-in real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities.
  • Proven and trusted: We are proud to connect over 6.5 million devices and vehicles across 103 markets for some of the world’s largest manufacturers. 
Cubic PLXOR for Automotive

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