Cubic Telecom is pioneering software solutions for tomorrow

Not just data, INSIGHTS. 

Our customers don’t just want to know about SIMs, they want to know about the devices and vehicles those SIMs provide connectivity to. Cubic’s award-winning connected software brings together telecom, vehicle and other data sources to deliver global vehicle and device lifecycle analytics, in near real-time. 

To help our customers strategise with precision we provide a single point of visibility over data flows, from multiple devices across different geographies. Our customers access analytics reports to monitor fleet performance in real-time.

Cost reduction and efficiencies

  • Over-The-Air (OTA), diagnostics, maintenance and updates avoid expensive vehicle recalls
  • Remote device-management reduces in-field resources
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Proactive alerting that calls out issues in advance

Revenue generation

  • Inform procurement decisions
  • Leverage data services for new advertising opportunities
  • Unlock potentially lucrative partnerships with third-party providers in infotainment, insurance sectors, etc.
  • Use data throughput analysis for service prioritisation

Optimised user experiences

  • Advanced analytics can track user experiences
  • Infotainment services can be customised and personalised
  • Performance analysis can improve quality of service
  • Bandwidth can be allocated to align with specific customer needs

“Every day we turn millions of data points into valuable insights for a whole range of use cases, from telematics and performance monitoring to helping executives make informed decisions that drive business strategy.”

Richard Springer
Director of Commercial Strategy, Cubic Telecom

Photo of Richard Springer

Cubic Telecom has six global offices and 17 subsidiaries. We have established on-the-ground expertise to facilitate go-to-market strategies so our customers don’t have to.

Our in-house legal team provide expertise on complex and rapidly evolving regulations to ensure our services are always compliant. We do the heavy lifting, aligning with your goals at every step.

Compliance experts

  • Solutions are pre-configured country-by-country for regulatory compliance
  • Our regional experts address local communication and licensing challenges
  • Local tax rules are put in place for country-by-country compliance
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) updates address changes in regulations

Advanced security

  • We provide 24/7/365 monitoring at network, platform and user level
  • Cubic Telecom is certified in data protection
  • We have a robust end-to-end incident management process
  • Advanced data classification is applied to all data sets

Customised services

  • When required by law we provide a geographical presence for clients
  • We manage contracts with local mobile operators of our customers’ choice
  • We offer specialist expertise on operating in China, Brazil, Russia, GCC, India, Turkey, etc.
  • We provide compliance in countries where permanent roaming is not permitted

GSMA compliant

  • Our GSMA-compliant global eSIM enables open, global and locally compliant connectivity
  • 100% compliance with GSMA v3.1/3.2 SGP.11 (Test Specification)
  • Unrivalled depth of experience with GSMA Subscription-Management technology

“We have transformed go-to-market strategies for global companies, relieving them of the bureaucratic nightmare of having to adapt connected products and services across different countries.”

David Kelly
Chief Corporate Officer, Cubic Telecom

Photo of David Kelly

We are rethinking the connected software experience. We relentlessly develop future-facing technologies that impact on our customers’ business models and the growing digital landscape. Our partners include startups and Fortune 500 companies that rely on our connected software solutions to drive growth and accelerate the pace of innovation.


  • ‘Slice-and-dice’ data for telemetry and user experience insights
  • Network-aware agents help better understand user behaviour
  • Smart and customisable alerts enable customers to act proactively
  • Transform industries to make them data-driven

Over-The-Air (OTA) Expertise

  • Our simplified orchestration software can support multiple services simultaneously
  • Our ‘adopt-and-launch’ solutions open up new revenue channels
  • Service switching and upgrades are delivered seamlessly
  • Our Platform for Application & Connectivity Enablement (PACE) is customisable and facilitates client innovation and differentiation


  • Seamless transitions to 5G services
  • Leveraging satellite for remote connectivity
  • Cross-operator services such as ‘pair-to-plan’ and ‘carrier of choice’
  • Seamless connections for freight shipping and drone delivery

“We recruit top talent to fuel R&D because it’s the lifeblood of what we do. In supporting client industries on a fast-evolving roadmap, Cubic Telecom not only operates at the leading edge, we redefine it.”

Barry Napier
CEO and Chairman, Cubic Telecom

Barry Napier

Our Platform for Application & Connectivity Enablement (PACE) solves big issues for automotive manufacturers, providing a simplified solution to meet diverse requirements for different brands across multiple markets. We capitalise on rich real-time data and cutting-edge software to take partners on digital transformation journeys, guiding them through complex and ever-evolving infrastructures.

PACE PROVIDES AN End-to-end solution

  • A simple centralised platform solution for customers that manage and manufacture brands with diverse requirements across multiple geographies
  • Device and service orchestration
  • Real-time monitoring drives business advantage and optimised customer experiences
  • Backend integration with client systems enables end-to-end workflow
  • Connecting millions of devices and vehicles to 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G networks every day

Continual improvement

  • Customised reporting ensures visibility for continual improvements and performance optimisation
  • Real-time data informs proactive management and evidence-based decision-making
  • Engineers and administrators can share insights and key performance indicators
  • We drive productivity, cost efficiencies and new customer value propositions

Faster time to market

  • Market differentiating services scale quickly to become global solutions
  • ‘Adopt-and-drop’ new features and functionality for revenue-generating services
  • Pre-configured software overcomes logistical and regulatory challenges
  • Country-by-country agreements accelerate go-to-market strategies

“A single view architecture with centralised software is the best way for our clients to take control and secure their place in fast-changing ecosystems where disruption is rife.”

Gabriela Drzewiscki
Product Manager, Cubic Telecom

Seamless access to global connectivity is the key to a better managed service ecosystem that delivers enhanced user experience. At Cubic Telecom, we deliver connected software solutions that pave the way for extraordinary innovation.

With over 88+ agreements with leading Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) across 190+ countries, we provide a global connectivity and management solution that advances digital transformation journeys for vehicle and device manufacturers.

Single embedded solution

  • Devices ship globally with SIMs embedded at the point of manufacture
  • Network agreements are pre-configured with MNOs worldwide
  • Cellular and satellite connectivity is seamlessly managed across borders
  • Connectivity to preferred MNOs is assured with automatic IMSI swaps, or eUICC

Automated internet of things (IOT)

  • Each new connected device automatically registers on our Platform for Application & Connectivity Enablement (PACE)
  • Network attachment is orchestrated in target markets with local profile downloads
  • Single view operational management provides end-to-end service visibility
  • Service components are seamlessly modified and enhanced Over-The-Air (OTA)


  • Our 5G core network provides local breakout for minimal latency
  • Automation and remote provisioning enhance productivity and operational efficiencies
  • Insights and key performance indicators drive continual improvement
  • Our core network delivers voice/data in accordance with 4G and 5G GSMA standards

“The success of mobility services relies on consistent connectivity that can be embedded in devices and vehicles simply. At Cubic Telecom, we partner with Tier-1 operators globally to deliver a seamless connected digital experience across our software platform.”

Gerry McQuaid
CCO, Cubic Telecom

photo of Gerry McQuaid

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