CES Kicks Off: Takeaways from Opening Keynotes

CES 2024

The team at Cubic has been following the conversations coming out of CES 2024, the world’s most influential tech event, as the biggest innovators take the stage and showcase the latest and greatest in tech innovation. Attendees can learn more about what’s on the tech horizon in the short and long term and how these trends will translate into new innovations in vehicle technology as the automotive industry continues to undergo rapid change.

AI and automotive tech are predicted to be key topics at CES 2024. According to CCS Insight, CES will be a central platform with established carmakers and tech companies set to reveal groundbreaking innovations at the event. Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz and other OEMs are exhibiting and there is expected to be a focus on powering the connected car and software-defined vehicle experience of the future. AI will have a central role to play here with continued focus on intelligent and self-driving vehicles.

Here are some key takeaways from the opening of this year’s event, delivered by some of the world’s leading tech innovators:

1.      The relevance + use cases of Artificial Intelligence (AI) today

As expected, AI is one of the main themes at CES this year. Intel delivered a keynote discussing the importance of making AI more accessible, and it’s a topic that many other keynotes throughout the week will focus on, including Qualcomm’s upcoming talk on how interactions with devices will change in the future due to AI.

AI is transforming just about every industry and it’s no different in the auto space. So much of what is envisioned for the future of the automotive industry relies on AI, from software-defined connected vehicles (SDCV) and self-driving cars to dynamic routing and proactive vehicle maintenance. While automotive AI adoption continues to grow, for OEM leaders, the emphasis today is on the improvement of current features – making ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) effective for today’s consumers. ADAS utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze collision risks, provide lane assistance warnings, and more.

2.      Technology that changes the way we move

Siemens delivered a compelling keynote on how leading technology brands can be used to improve the way we live, work, move, and make. On the move side of that change, automotive is undergoing a vast transformation as technological advances in software and services enable new innovators to disrupt the industry.

Drivers will soon experience rapid change, from autonomous driving to electric vehicle availability to ubiquitous SDCVs. Ultimately, what enables this shift is the innovators, who are employing the technology behind it.

We can’t wait to see what the rest of the week at CES has in store. Vehicle technology and 5G-enabled connectivity are sure to be among the top technology categories driving buzz this year as software-defined connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles continue their march into the mainstream. Stay tuned for a follow-up blog post at the conclusion of CES on the biggest takeaways from the show!