Cubic joins the 5G Automotive Association

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The team at Cubic is proud to share that Cubic is joining the esteemed 5G Automotive Association (5GAA). 5GAA is a global cross industry association and its 100+ members help develop, test and promote 5G standards. Today, 5GAA bridges the automotive and telecommunication industries to address society’s connected mobility needs. This mirrors many of the goals of the work at Cubic, with a focus on bringing inclusive access to smarter, safer and environmentally sustainable services and solutions, integrated into intelligent road transportation and traffic management.  

This is a pivotal moment and milestone for the team at Cubic. The membership reiterates the company’s focus on connected mobility and commitment to related technology expansion. It also ensures that the Cubic team is working in conjunction with other automotive industry leaders and 5GAA members such as Ford, Nokia and LG.  

    • As a member of the 5GAA, Cubic Telecom will:
    • Contribute to industry leading research on connected mobility. Recent studies from the 5GAA include the deployment of C-V2X solutions on open roads and new business opportunities for the connected mobility ecosystem
    • Define and research necessary industry developments with founding members such as Audi, BMW Group, Intel, and more

Looking to learn more about how the 5GAA will improve the transportation industry with a focus on safety, sustainability and efficiency? Read more here.

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