Cubic Telecom transitions to ‘Challenger’ in Gartner Magic Quadrant

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It’s always great to get independent, industry acknowledgement of your corporate progress. Cubic Telecom moved up to the ‘Challenger’ category in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed IoT Connectivity Services, Worldwide 2021 report, representing an improvement in our ability to execute.

Gartner describes companies in the Challenger quadrant as: “Challengers execute well today and maintain a sizable, geographically diverse installed base.” Cubic Telecom’s platform provides connected software solutions in over 100 countries, to 6 million active vehicles and devices – with more on the way.

We’ve also experienced significant momentum and growth since the last report was published in December 2019 when we were named in the ‘Niche Player’ category by Gartner. We spent that time working on partnerships, software solutions, products and services to support the acceleration of software-driven business models for our automotive and agriculture customers.

On the Road to All Things Digital

We know that successfully delivering digital services requires more than having “multiple network bars” everywhere the vehicle goes. In our experience, connected software vehicles’ success depends on three things:

  • The unique services and software provided
  • The data about how those services are used
  • The quality of communication with the vehicle


Our customers can focus more of their talents and energies on the first item because we continually expand our ability to execute on the second and third—on a global scale.

Delivering Data That Drives Value-Added Services

Capturing treasure troves of data is great, but using it to gain a competitive advantage is even better. With our new service PLXOR, we manage millions of data points from multiple sources, platforms and devices to give our partners an edge in the cloud. The service can distinguish data consumption and usage by application and content type, allowing enterprises to visualise data and gain valuable real-time insights. With the PLXOR solution, customers can:

  • Simplify management of multiple revenue streams and split-billing
  • Make strategic decisions about segmenting and evolving services for vehicle consumers
  •  Obtain insights into data usage and cost by primary application types
  • Guide digital service portfolio, market segmentation and customer service
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by live troubleshooting
  • Optimise cost through segmented policy management by data traffic type


In a bid to ensure consistent performance, our customers also use those real-time insights to manage how their IoT connected software is used. With PLXOR, the OEMs can monitor whether drivers and passengers are streaming movies, navigating to the lowest cost fuel station, conducting mountain rescues, or proactively maintaining tractor fleets.

Taking Connected Software Services to the Field

As technology looks to enhance the agricultural industry from top to bottom, we’re providing the tools to help farmers grower smarter and more efficiently. Connected farming machinery—including tractors, harvesters, and crop protection systems—all benefit from Cubic Telecom’s platform that collects and manages data on the terrain, operations, and maintenance cycles.

Our partnership with CNH Industrial empowers innovative brands such as Case IH, New Holland Agriculture and STEYR to offer smart data and agronomy services in Europe, Brazil, North America, and the Asia-Pacific. With pressure on the agricultural industry to feed our growing world, Cubic Telecom is giving farmers the digital tools needed to meet the challenge.

Simplified Global Services in a Challenging Market

Another acceleration we are seeing is global brands expanding their IoT products into different geographies — only to get bogged down by the unique challenges posed by local regulations.  Brazil’s unique, and strictly applied, local regulations can stymie deployment of global products in a local market. We overcame these challenges in 2020 by obtaining appropriate licenses and working with strategic partners to create a turn-key solution in this difficult market, for our global customers.

Similarly, as data and analytics become embedded in IoT solution value delivery, it will become more important to navigate the complexities of local government enforcement of data storage, security and other regulations. Taking care of legal and regulatory compliance requirements in local markets becomes a significant part of deploying new services.

Achieving Connected Vehicle Success Is Easier With Cubic Telecom

Of course we have ambitious plans going forward, since we agree with Gartner that both the Managed IoT Connectivity market and the automotive industry are continuing to evolve.

Our goal is to make it easy for vehicle-producing companies to transform their ability to execute in a software and data-driven world. As such, we continue investing in smart people, simplify processes, and develop innovative software and technologies so that our customers can refine their connected software services and compete more effectively in their respective markets.

If you would like to learn more about our innovative solutions, download the PLXOR datasheet today.

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