Creating an Inclusive Company Culture Where Everyone Feels They Belong

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At Cubic Telecom, we embrace the opportunities to foster an environment where everyone feels their voice is respected and celebrated. If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that we are completely interdependent — often in ways we may not have always appreciated or recognised. We can lift each other up during challenging times, and create spaces that are welcoming, supportive and understanding. This culture of inclusivity extends to our friends, our neighbours, and the colleagues we spend a third of our lives with at the workplace. We aim to be better each day, and we know there’s important work still to be done. 

We work hard to create an environment to which people want to belong — that is the vision we are working to cultivate every day. The People Team focuses continuously on the employee experience, from wellbeing to development, investing the company’s efforts and resources to create a sense of community and helpful culture. Ingrained throughout the organisation at every level is one of our core values, “helping others” — we believe it’s a simple message that is universally appreciated, down to the smallest gesture. In company-wide surveys we facilitate, over 80% of Cubican’s say, “I feel a sense of belonging at Cubic”— a particularly important marker for us. This foundational support continues throughout the employee’s journey with us, with the aim of providing mentorship that inspires growth and development. 

Creating a sense of belonging

At Cubic Telecom, we have admiration for each other’s work and enjoy cultivating a positive learning environment. That’s because we want everyone to share in the team’s success. We work in industries enabling technologies that impact us all, across every continent. A vital part of our success has been the global perspectives our team offers that help answer tomorrow’s challenges and produce innovative ideas. Everyone performs, and everyone belongs. We listen and place value in each other — and this creates a strong sense of community. As a company with 180+ employees from 30 nationalities, we’re able to leverage our unique perspectives to create new industry solutions. 

Cubic's employees - company party

Diversity is a continuous journey

We know the need to belong is a powerful force in human nature — one that can be especially beneficial when felt in the workplace. From onboarding to offboarding, it’s important for the People Team to maintain clear and honest communication channels to ensure all staff share the same advantages and benefits. We acknowledge that diversity in the workplace is a journey, not a destination, and that “diversity without inclusion is a story of missed opportunities.” Our aim is to champion positive learning experiences and share human connections with our colleagues. In essence, we want everyone to feel genuinely seen, accepted and heard. Inclusion at Cubic Telecom comes from proactive support and advocacy from the top down. We believe our path forward is through celebrating the beauty of our unique cultures, traditions, and ideas. 

Representation matters

Positive representation matters. It opens the door to diversity of thought and experience. This is why providing support to underrepresented groups and minorities is a key principle at Cubic Telecom. For instance, women now make up 32% of the Cubic workforce representing a 6% increase year-on-year. Women hold roles across all departments, including 35% of the leadership positions. To mark International Women’s Day this year, Cubic Telecom provided a platform for inspiring female leaders from around Ireland to share their own personal experience of the journey to success. Last year, Cubic was also recognised as a finalist in the ‘International Diverse Company of the Year’ category at the Diversity in Tech Awards. Back in Dublin, home to Cubic HQ, 25% of the team hails from outside Ireland. Our employees represent all walks of life in all corners of the globe. We have made significant improvements over the last several years that we are proud of. It only motivates our daily efforts to improve representation further. 

Becoming advocates and allies

With Pride month behind us, the work continues on our journey to becoming advocates for inclusion. This starts with getting educated about the issues facing the LGBTQ+ community, not just in Ireland but around the world. This year, we were honoured to host Jed Dowling, CEO of Dublin LBGTQ+ Pride as our guest speaker, who shared insights on the history of the Pride movement and the critical importance of being an ally. Dowling explained that even in Ireland, one of the world’s most progressive countries, discrimination against the LBGTQ+ community was still commonplace only a few decades ago, it’s still visible in our society today, and that more work must be done to ensure equality and human rights for everyone, everywhere. Throughout the year, we will continue to offer our support to social justice campaigns that work tirelessly to advocate for coexistence, acceptance and equality. We stand together with our diverse community, and are proud to do so.  

Noted Canadian educator and antiracism and equity advocate, George Dei, explains, “Inclusion is not bringing people into what already exists; it is making a new space, a better space for everyone.” Cubic is incorporating diversity and inclusion principles into all aspects of our ethos, from recruitment to company culture. By creating inclusive environments that celebrate our authentic selves, we hope to make a positive impact on our employees, starting from day one of their Cubic journey. If you are interested in applying for a role at Cubic Telecom visit our careers page. 

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