From IDC “Major Player” to 15 million devices connected, Cubic is accelerating a new era in connected car services. Here’s how we’re doing it.

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Cubic Telecom has been positioned as a “Major Player” in IDC’s MarketScape for Worldwide Managed IoT Connectivity Services for 2023. Coming in the same week as the news that we surpassed the milestone of 15 million devices connected worldwide, we’re excited as we move into the next phase of Cubic’s expansion.

IDC’s MarketScape vendor assessment models are globally recognized frameworks for assessing product and service offerings, capabilities and strategies, and current and future market success factors.

Re-defining connectivity services

As Cubic CEO Barry Napier says, “We believe that both the 15 million milestone and our position as a “Major Player” underline that Cubic Telecom is pursuing the right strategy. We’re excited to continue on our mission to increase the lifetime value of mobile assets by solving managed connectivity on a global scale and unleashing the benefits of intelligent data.”

For Napier, what’s really exciting is how Cubic’s growth shows connected devices and vehicles catching up with our software and technologies. “We’ve grown from adding a million each year to actually doubling every year since 2020, he said. “As more and more automotive and device manufacturers begin to execute on their vision for software-defined development and innovative new services, we’re ready to take them to the next level with our unique connectivity and analytics platforms.” 

Global footprint meets local requirements

Cubic’s ability to localize in countries with particularly complex requirements, including GCC and Turkey has been a key driver of the flexibility we provide to OEMs operating in more challenging markets. “That flexibility allows us to future proof our customers, insulating them from changes in regulatory requirements,” says Cubic SVP of Sales & Business Development, Ciaran Ryan. “We’re local in over 190 countries worldwide – and that footprint and flexibility positions us ahead of the curve in a vehicle connectivity market set for rapid expansion. Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technologies and autonomous features are going to revolutionize this sector and Cubic is poised, not just to capitalize on that growth, but to help OEMs to deliver on their vision for new value-added services and technologies.”

But it’s not just about automotive. Cubic’s ability to leverage core networks and expand its reach into some of the world’s most challenging geographies has seen it develop strong partnerships with some of the world’s leading agriculture and transport brands. “When you look at our Dynamic Profile Switching (DPS) capability, that’s been transformational for our agriculture customers,” says Ryan. “It’s designed specifically for areas with varying coverage, allowing customers to play to the strengths of their providers, even where no roaming is possible.”

Connected car, connected future

For automakers, the future of connected cars represents a significant opportunity, not only to extend the customer lifecycle far beyond the production line or showroom, but also to transform and refine the customer experience in ways that will drive brand loyalty and differentiate against the mainstream tech players.

The technology is there for automakers to own the customer experience and the ecosystem behind it. Check out our Connected car, connected future eBook and learn about some of the ways that OEMs are doing that – and some of the challenges they need to overcome to get there.

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