On Earth Day EVs are taking the spotlight

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Today, 22nd April, marks Earth Day. A time to reflect on our generation’s impact on climate change and assess what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. If we want cleaner air and less pollution, a move towards the decarbonisation of transport can certainly help.

We all know that vehicle emissions from combustion engine driving have a detrimental impact on the environment. Internal combustion engines create up to 1.6 times the amount of CO2 than battery electric vehicles (EVs). It is therefore refreshing to see that major automotive players are now competing in the race to electrification and investing heavily in this technology. BloombergNEF forecasts that by 2040 over half of all car sales will be electric.

Tesla, now valued at $183 billion, has come to dominate the EV industry, being the trailblazer many others now adapt their infrastructure to mirror. Hyundai has followed suit, with plans to expand its electric line-up to 44 models and sell 1 million EVs at a 10% market share by 2025.

GM’s electric goals are also impressive, committing to launch 30 EV models globally over the next five years and spending $27 billion on electric vehicle development. They have even manufactured the world’s first all-electric super truck – the GMC Hummer EV.

At Cubic Telecom we are proud to collaborate with leading vehicle manufacturers currently providing sustainable electric solutions such as Arrival, e.GO Mobile, and several brands within the Volkswagen Group.

Emission-free mobility for all

Hot on Tesla’s heels, Volkswagen has now cemented a 24% share of the EV market in Europe. With its unmatched ability to scale, the automaker plans to produce 75 fully electric models, and 26 million EVs by 2029. Group CEO Hebert Deiss recently announced a €35 billion investment in electrification over the next 5 years.

The Volkswagen ID. 4, the brand’s first ever fully electric SUV, is the latest introduction to European and North American roads. It joins the  ID. family, with the promise of ‘emission-free mobility for all.’

At Cubic Telecom, we provide world-class connected software to the ID. Range. This embedded technology enables digital services within the car to simplify the driver and passenger journeys. With the ID. 4’s online navigation system, drivers are updated with live traffic information such as accident detection, roadworks etc.

Drivers and passengers can also enjoy online radio, news, weather, and parking information via the in-car infotainment system of their electric car. Supporting consumers’ connected lifestyles, our software allows passengers connect their devices to stream from content services whilst in the car, with minimal latency throughout the journey. A seamlessly connected digital experience helps Volkswagen drivers on the journey to emission-free mobility.

Taking electrification commercial

Some experts predict that the global commercial EV market size will reach $178,560 million by 2026, however the commercial fleet sector has been underserved by electrification to date.

Enter Arrival. An emerging technology company producing lightweight electric buses, vans, and trucks. They provide fleets with access to greener options and help cities meet net-zero emissions targets. They count UPS and Royal Mail as customers.

Arrival takes an avant-garde approach to vehicle manufacturing by setting up microfactories in areas where demand is greatest. Their business model is unique, focused on making production, as well as vehicles, fully renewable. Arrival decentralises EV production by leasing warehouses and uses composite panel technology they developed themselves to keep costs and carbon footprint low.

Arrival has developed a durable composite material, so if an EV in the fleet is damaged in an accident or comes to end of life the panels can be taken out, broken down to a raw material and recycled back into production.

Their environmentally friendly approach reassures me that the transition to sustainable transportation stands a good chance. And I am not the only one impressed by these innovations. The company was recently valued at $13 billion in its NASDQ debut, breaking multiple records.

At Cubic Telecom, we have been working with Arrival since 2019 to deliver intelligent connected software to its fleet of commercial EVs. Our PACE platform provides drivers with full visibility of nearby charging stations and real-time navigation.

For Earth Day 2021 we can rest safe in the knowledge that electrification is set to become a major cornerstone for all future mobility. Leading innovators are diverting from traditional manufacturing methods and carving out new paths to achieve cleaner transportation solutions.

If you would like to learn more about Cubic solutions for EV manufacturers, download a copy of our Automotive brochure.

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