Redefining the connected vehicle landscape with Cubic Telecom & SoftBank Corp.

Barry Napier, CEO & Shane Sorohan, COO
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Barry Napier, CEO & Shane Sorohan, COO

The automotive industry continues to evolve at pace. Reshaped by technology, Cubic Telecom and SoftBank Corp. will pioneer the era of the Software Defined Connected Vehicle (SDCV). As cars become more intelligent, consumers too are increasingly attentive of the services and features they’re offered. They are starting to care less about traditional selling points like brake horsepower and more about the overall in-car experience.

No longer confined to mere mechanical components, these vehicles now boast advanced software integration which is set to add more than $650 billion to the auto industry by 2030. This trend poses both challenges and opportunities for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as they navigate the changing landscape, together with the need to deliver compelling customer experience.

Connectivity is the vital component for delivering these software-driven experiences and is setting new standards for innovation, comfort, and performance. By 2030, a seismic 95 percent of new vehicles sold globally will be connected, sharing data, and changing how we think about our time in the car.

This is why Cubic’s new partnership with Softbank has come at the perfect time. Established OEMs must act fast to develop compelling experiences and are at real risk of falling behind disruptors and software-defined vehicle (SDV)-native entrants. Cubic Telecom has the technology and capability to help OEMs capitalise on the enormous commercial opportunities the SDCV era. Working with SoftBank will enable us to scale this rapidly and reach a wider audience of OEMs.

Cubic Telecom actively assists the world’s leading automotive OEMs, connecting 17 million vehicles worldwide through agreements with 90 Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in more than 190 countries. Our technology not only enables connectivity, but also opens OEMs up to new services, collaborations and business models.

Uncharted territories and overcoming challenges moving from a mechanical “metal press” to vehicles with complex software-defined systems at their core. However, maintaining consistent and suitable connectivity for these systems presents unique challenges that can slow innovation down, such as data costs, cross-border roaming and regulatory shifts.

We are dedicated to overcoming these by simplifying connectivity for millions of vehicles worldwide. SoftBank’s investment in Cubic Telecom is driven by its recognition of software-defined connectivity as a key component of its Beyond Japan initiative. This initiative seeks to create new businesses across various industries, and SoftBank is convinced that Cubic is the perfect partner for future expansion in this space as vehicle and IoT connectivity rapidly increases globally.

The strategic partnership with SoftBank Corp. is not just a recognition of Cubic Telecom’s ambitions but also a building block on the impressive momentum both companies bring to the table. The combined business vision and strategic partnerships hold exciting potential for the future.

Through continued collaboration, the two companies will:

  • Revolutionise mobility: With this investment, SoftBank and Cubic Telecom will form a strategic global partnership to pioneer the future of SDCVs and other high-value Internet-of-Things (IoT) assets by harnessing the power of global connectivity platforms. The impact of this innovation extends across consumer services, transportation and logistics, agriculture, and catalyses the evolution of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in major international cities.
  • Promote collaborative solutions: Anticipate major breakthroughs as Cubic Telecom and SoftBank join forces on connectivity and software solutions. This strategic partnership transcends conventional boundaries, exploring AI, autonomous driving systems, maps and navigation, in-car payments, non-terrestrial networks, satellites, and more.
  • Drive global alliances: Embarking on a transformative journey, Cubic Telecom and SoftBank aim to establish sales partnerships with major global OEMs in automotive, transportation, and agriculture. Initially, the focus will be on Japan, the Asia-Pacific region, and China, with the collaborative efforts aimed at redefining industries and spearheading transformative changes on a global scale.

    You can read more about the investment in our joint press release with SoftBank below. 

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