Cubic’s Chief Product Officer Cian O’Cuinneagain Speaks at TRA Dublin 2024

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The future of transportation is brimming with exciting possibilities, and one of the most transformative developments on the horizon is Cooperative Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM). At TRA Dublin 2024, our Chief Product Officer, Cian Ó Cuinneagain discussed how CCAM can revolutionise the way we travel, making our roads safer, more inclusive, and more sustainable.

Revolutionsing road safety with V2X Communication 

A key component of CCAM’s safety revolution is V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communication. Imagine a dynamic network where vehicles can “talk” to each other, infrastructure, pedestrians, and cyclists – creating a constant exchange of real-time information.  

This translates into significant safety advancements for everyone on the road. Drivers receive instant alerts about hazards, red lights, and traffic jams, allowing for informed decisions that minimise accidents. It can also eliminate blind spots, as vehicles can share location, speed, and direction in real-time, allowing drivers to anticipate the movements of others and react accordingly, preventing accidents caused by sudden lane changes. 

But the benefits extend beyond drivers. As well as warning drivers of pedestrians or cyclists in their vicinity, pedestrians and cyclists can be notified of approaching vehicles, promoting safer interactions on the road for everyone. This connected ecosystem holds immense potential for creating a safer future on our roads.  


Redefining accessibility 

CCAM redefines how we access transportation. Connectivity lies at the heart of this transformation, underpinning the rise of innovative shared mobility solutions like Lynk & Co. 

The vision of a future where readily available vehicles can be located, booked, and utilised efficiently becomes reality thanks to the power of real-time data flowing through a connected ecosystem. This ecosystem fosters a more inclusive transportation landscape by empowering individuals who may not own a car with convenient options. Connectivity also facilitates dynamic pricing models, making shared mobility more affordable for a wider range of users. In essence, everyone gains access to reliable mobility solutions. 


Empowering eco-conscious choices 

Alongside improved safety and accessibility, connected platforms leverage real-time data (CCAM) to seamlessly connect users with the most suitable driving routes, considering factors like location and route optimisation. This translates to significant reductions in emissions in today’s eco-conscious world. Ultimately, connected platforms and real-time data work together to promote efficient resource utilisation, contributing to a more sustainable transportation landscape. 

The CCAM ecosystem essentially serves as a central nervous system, gathering vast amounts of data on routes, resource usage, and even weather patterns. By analysing this rich information, we can develop smarter traffic management strategies and infrastructure investments. Imagine less congestion, shorter commutes, and a dramatic reduction in our overall environmental footprint. 

A connected CCAM ecosystem empowers the industry with valuable data-driven insights which help pave the way for a safer, greener and more inclusive transportation landscape. 

At Cubic, we believe connectivity is the engine that drives CCAM’s transformative potential. Our secure and reliable solutions are the foundation for this connected ecosystem. We are committed to playing a vital role in creating a safer, more inclusive, and sustainable future for all road users.  


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