Security at Cubic Telecom

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Here at Cubic Telecom, security is embedded into the culture. All Cubic staff undergo training from the day they start with us and throughout their careers, to develop and nurture them not only to be the best in their field but the best in their field from a security practice standpoint.

Security has become an integral and vital part of any companies’ priorities. However, for many fields of technical work, security practice is a new feature, a new requirement, and subsequently a new overhead. Many universities and educational establishments either don’t provide enough visibility on I.T. Security or don’t provide enough practical knowledge to factor secure thinking into the workplace.

At Cubic, we recognise this, and embrace it. We are continually looking for new ways to enhance our security focus, whether it be computer-based training, security awareness training, interaction engagement or hands-on ethical hacking and security defense courses. We design our security to fit the needs of the organisation and at the same time enabling the company to become more mature and aligned to the experts in security practice. Using standards such as NIST and CIS, we continually improve our performance and practice. All of this we do with a view to automation, auditability, and accountability, ensuring that everyone knows what we are trying to achieve, what they are responsible for, and that each person does their part to achieve this goal.

We recently achieved the TISAX certification to “Information with High Protection Needs” and “Data Protection according to the EU-GDPR Art.28 (“Processor”)” which involved most of the Cubic Team pulling together for a large audit to prove our security focus. While we enjoy our successes as a fast-paced and customer-centric company, we strive to be better and look for new areas to improve. Whether it be for our internal processes or our customers’ benefit, we will focus our efforts to achieve more. Cubic has a fantastic and close relationship with its customers, and we value those relationships. These relationships are what also form a large part of our drive to continually improve our security focus and culture, and why we will always strive to be better, more secure, more efficient and always have our customers’ interests at the forefront of our minds. Thanks to everyone in Cubic for their support on this security-focused journey.

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