Autonomous driving trailblazer Elmar Frickenstein to Chair Cubic Telecom’s Board

Autonomous driving trailblazer and entrepreneur of digitalization for the automotive industry, Elmar Frickenstein, takes the Chair of Cubic Telecom’s Board.

Elmar Frickenstein, automotive industry leading architect, has been appointed Chair of the award-winning connected software technology provider Cubic Telecom. With more than 30 years of automotive industry experience, including software development for autonomous driving and in-car infotainment, his appointment comes at a time when the automotive industry is undergoing the greatest paradigm shift in its history.

The leading architect and influencer of autonomous and software strategy for intelligent driving at BMW for almost three decades, Frickenstein has spearheaded the adoption of agile software development methods in the automotive manufacturing process. His track record as a pioneer and driver of business growth will guide Cubic’s strategy as it enables digital transformation in the connected automotive and agriculture industries.

As the emergence of car digitalization technologies advanced in the noughties, Frickenstein held multiple leadership roles that saw AUTOSAR, Ethernet and in-car apps introduced to cars for the first time, paving the way for the 5G-enabled digital transformation we are seeing today.

Frickenstein, who led the Electrics, Electronics and Driver Environment division at BMW group for the past decade, says he is honored and excited to take on the role of Chair at Cubic Telecom as the company continues its ambitious strategic growth plan. “Cubic’s innovative, connected software solutions are helping to transform the way automotive manufacturers unlock the full value of vehicle data. This is a pivotal time in both the automotive industry and Cubic’s growth, and I look forward to being part of the next stage of their journey.”

Alongside Cubic CEO, Barry Napier, Frickenstein will help shape the connected software solution provider’s future direction, accelerating the next stage of its growth. Napier welcomed the appointment, saying “Our board members play a critical role in guiding our work and our impact. I am proud to welcome Elmar Frickenstein as Cubic Telecom’s new chair.  His wealth of knowledge on strategy and leadership in the automotive industry will be instrumental for us in realising Cubic’s mission, complementing and amplifying the existing Board’s experience across the semiconductor, finance, and car manufacturing and distribution sectors.”

Cubic’s global connected software solutions power more than seven million vehicles across 100 countries for leading automotive brands, including Volkswagen Group, Audi, CNH Industrial, Arrival, e.GO Mobile and Skoda, as well key technology players such as Microsoft and Kymeta.

In January 2021, Cubic Telecom won the “IoT Analytics Innovation Award” at the IoT Breakthrough Awards, in recognition of the company’s expanded product portfolio and expertise in analysing connected vehicle data as manufacturers strive to optimize driver experience.

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About Cubic

Cubic Telecom delivers advanced software-defined connected vehicle solutions in over 190 countries and regions around the world. Working with the world’s leading automotive, transportation and agriculture OEMs, we connect 18 million cars and vehicles globally and enable 1 billion mobile internet data transmissions daily. To compete globally, OEMs must manage the complexities of connecting with different technologies while complying with regulatory mandates in different countries. Cubic Telecom cuts through this complexity through agreements with more than 90 MNOs, providing a single, global solution that enables any vehicle shipped anywhere in the world to have fully compliant built-in connectivity regardless of local market requirements.