Cubic Telecom and Qualcomm join efforts to deliver innovative connectivity solutions for enhanced services and infotainment systems


 Cubic’s connected software solutions will enable global connectivity and related analytics and insights for Qualcomm Technologies’ Snapdragon® Car-to-Cloud Services, further enhancing the Snapdragon® Digital Chassis™ cloud-connected vehicle platforms.


Dublin, Ireland. March 11, 2022. Award-winning connected software solutions provider, Cubic Telecom, is set to strengthen its strategic relationship with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a leading systems solutions provider for automotive. Cubic’s connected software solutions will enable global connectivity and related analytics and insights for its Snapdragon® Car-to-Cloud Services, further enhancing the Snapdragon Digital Chassis cloud-connected vehicle platforms.

Cubic’s Plxor, Insights and Pace products’ integration with Snapdragon Car-to-Cloud Services can allow Qualcomm Technologies to extend cloud-based services on its Snapdragon® chipset modules to global automakers. Cubic’s software solution is engineered to enable any vehicle shipped anywhere in the world to have built-in compliance across local markets.

Cubic Telecom CEO Barry Napier welcomed this latest milestone in a relationship dating back to 2012: “As a trusted technology enabler, Cubic Telecom is proud to be part of Qualcomm Technologies’ strategic plans as it shifts into cloud-enabled services and device management.”

“Using three of Cubic’s core software products – Plxor for differentiated billing, Insights for real-time device analytics and Pace for seamless connectivity, localised services and compliance – Qualcomm Technologies will be able to power global and regional cloud-based apps, services and content,” added Napier. “We’re excited that Qualcomm Technologies has chosen the Cubic Team to help deliver its next-generation vehicle solutions.”

Cubic’s global connected software solutions power more than 8 million vehicles across 100 countries for leading automotive brands, including Volkswagen Group, CNH Industrial, Arrival and e.GO Mobile, as well key technology players such as Microsoft and Kymeta.

In January 2021, Cubic won the “IoT Analytics Innovation Award” at the IoT Breakthrough Awards, in recognition of the company’s expanded product portfolio and expertise in analysing connected vehicle data as manufacturers strive to optimize driver experience.


About Cubic Telecom

Cubic Telecom delivers innovative connected software solutions to automotive, agriculture, and transport manufacturers. Its scalable solution enables a multitude of revenue-generating services, combining real-time analytics supported by global connectivity and regional regulatory compliance in 190 countries.

Cubic’s global connected software is used by recognised global leaders in the automotive and technology space, including Arrival, Audi, Bentley, CNH Industrial, e.GO Mobile, Kymeta, Lamborghini, Microsoft, Panasonic Automotive, Porsche, SEAT, Skoda, and Volkswagen.

Headed by CEO Barry Napier, the company is privately held, with over €110 million in funding by Audi Electronics Venture GmbH, Qualcomm Technologies, Valid, the European Investment Bank, Enterprise Ireland, and the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, among others.



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About Cubic

Cubic Telecom delivers advanced software-defined connected vehicle solutions in over 190 countries and regions around the world. Working with the world’s leading automotive, transportation and agriculture OEMs, we connect 18 million cars and vehicles globally and enable 1 billion mobile internet data transmissions daily. To compete globally, OEMs must manage the complexities of connecting with different technologies while complying with regulatory mandates in different countries. Cubic Telecom cuts through this complexity through agreements with more than 90 MNOs, providing a single, global solution that enables any vehicle shipped anywhere in the world to have fully compliant built-in connectivity regardless of local market requirements.