Industry 4.0: Digital transformation in transportion and haulage

Industry 4.0 Transportation: From fleet management to predictive maintenance and autonomous trucks, a new wave of transportion solutions is being enabled by connectivity and data analytics.

For the transport and haulage sector, digital transformation presents unique challenges: it’s a mobile business that relies on coverage and connectivity across borders, often in some of the world’s most remote places.

Cubic Telecom’s Industry 4.0 transportation eBook explores some of the ways transport and haulage companies are responding to the challenge, including:

 – Fleet oversight
 – Predictive maintenance
 – Autonomous technologies
 – Data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI)
 – 5G and cloud solutions

A new generation of connected vehicles will enable haulage companies to monitor and respond to events in real time, improving efficiencies and paving the way for the intelligent transport systems of the future, where data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) will fuel new business models.

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Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0