Industry Spotlight: ‘Smart Data Car Data’ Event

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What comes next for the future of software-defined connected cars – and how will in-vehicle data unleash new opportunities and challenges for OEMs? At the upcoming ‘Smart Data Car Data’ event being hosted in Munich, Cubic Telecom will join influential leaders shaping tomorrow’s automotive and mobility landscape.

Cubic will be exhibiting at the one-day event on September 1, with an opening keynote from the Vokswagen Group. Among trending topics including smart mobility services and the automotive industry’s digitisation, the programme will shine a spotlight on the enormous value in leveraging connected car data to enhance product services – and how OEMs can secure their place in these complex data environments to gain advantage.

Smart data era

At ‘Smart Data Car Data’, Cubic will showcase its global connected software solutions – PLXOR and INSIGHTS – to demonstrate how to extract the most value from vehicle data and the potential for OEMs to transform their understanding of their products and customers, negotiate better deals with service providers, improve the driver experience, and more.

With Cubic’s PLXOR solution, OEMs gain visibility to a single unified view of how content services are consumed across global fleets. With INSIGHTS, OEMs can view at fleet level, by country, make or model and drill down into granular detail. While managing car data effectively is a complex endeavour for automotive players, the benefits are multifold. By 2030 connected vehicle data could add $400 billion in value for industry players. At this year’s ‘Smart Data Car Data’, intelligent solutions for OEMs will help accelerate their car data monetisation journeys.

Learn more about Cubic’s PLXOR solution. 

Learn more about Cubic’s INSIGHTS solution.

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