In our webinar ‘Software-Defined Vehicles Enabling Data-Driven Business Models‘, Cubic speaks with Michael Wintergerst, Head of Vehicle and Cloud Platform at Volkswagen AG, about the latest innovations in the software-defined vehicle ecosystem.


The software for a modern fighter jet runs on about 25 million lines of code. Yet today’s automobiles are equipped with over 150 electronic control units running 100 million lines of code. For autonomous vehicles, that number could one day be closer to a billion. These advancements are changing everything about the way cars are manufactured, opening up new ways to enhance the driving experience with a sophisticated range of services and functionalities. Digitisation, electrification, automation: Today’s drivers expect much more from vehicles that have become an extension of their digital life.

The challenge for the entire automotive industry right now is developing a centralised vehicle architecture with the capabilities to meet tomorrow’s rapidly growing demands."

Partners like Volkswagen AG utilise Cubic Telecom to integrate their central architecture with intelligent connected software solutions. All of this requires huge computing power and dynamic software to meet the demands of advanced vehicles. To fully realise the future of mobility, it means a complete change in how we manufacture next-gen cars. For OEMs and players across the mobility sector, having a clearly defined and unified architecture – both within the car and the cloud – will be paramount in order to sustain these increasingly complex ecosystems. Cubic’s global connected software plays a major role in this evolving in-vehicle architecture.

Industry leaders like VW and others in the automotive sphere recognise the changes ahead. They’re also embracing enormous opportunities — not just for enhancing the digital driving experience, but for improving mobility services everywhere. In 2020, VW launched its new technology arm CARIAD, tasked with transforming the group into a software-driven company. VW partners with Cubic to raise the table stakes in this new world of automotive tech. 

Watch our webinar with Volkswagen’s Michael Wintergerst and Cubic Telecom’s Barry Napier as they discuss the future of software-defined mobility.


Today everybody in the industry and beyond knows that the software-defined vehicle is the way to go. You have to bring the digital experience."

"As the cloud comes into the game, we are going beyond the high-performance computers in today's cars. Connectivity is efficiently running algorithms from the car to the cloud, and back again. And here, Cubic plays an important role as it helps us with all this in-car management."
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Michael Wintergerst
EVP, Head of Vehicle and Cloud Platform at Volkswagen AG
About Michael Wintergerst

Michael Wintergerst is Head of Vehicle and Cloud Platform at CARIAD, the Volkswagen Group’s technology subsidiary. Founded in 2020, more than 4,500 developers, engineers and designers worldwide unify their knowledge at CARIAD to not only transform the Group to a software-driven car company, but to transform the car into an automotive experience that is seamlessly integrated into our digital life.

Connectivity plays a major role in the software-defined vehicle's architecture. That is where Cubic comes in. This helps us enabling not just computation for autonomous driving, but also machine-learning algorithms."

VW’s Business Goals

Gearing the mobility industry towards a more life-cycle oriented business model with digital life-cycle management is the way forward. The software-defined vehicle is going to send and receive vast amounts of data, enabling new opportunities to optimise and create revenue streams. Data driven business models, particularly for OEMs and MNOs at the epicentre of this industry transformation, will evolve around next-generation solutions.



Cubic brings the digital experience to software-defined vehicles for VW. As the in-vehicle experience gets richer and more immersive, partners like Volkswagen utilise Cubic’s connected software solutions to help deliver the analytics required to get true value out of the huge amount of data between the car and the cloud. Global connected software plays a major role in the software-defined vehicle’s architecture, and Cubic acts as the entry point for VW.

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