Cubic named finalist at Diversity in Tech Awards

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The Diversity in Tech Awards shine a spotlight on the achievements of organisations creating a more diverse workplace while striving to narrow the gender gap in the technology sector. With more than 300 nominations made across 24 countries, it was an honour for Cubic Telecom to be named in two of the 14 categories: a nomination for Tech Leader of the Year for Women in Tech; and as a finalist for International Diverse Company of the Year. I would like to wish a heartfelt congratulations to Anthemis Group as the winner of this acclaimed award.

With diversity spanning gender, sexuality, race, and more, it is a wonderful achievement for Cubic to be recognized as a finalist in the International Diverse Company of the Year category, especially in this monumental year where we witnessed a wave of great change and progress across the globe. From Black Lives Matter demonstrations to the annual Pride celebrations, greater attention is finally being paid to the importance of diversity and inclusion in society.

A diverse workplace has been proven to boost employee engagement and idea generation. Diversity of thought is critical to problem solving, with alternative approaches leading to innovation, something that is vital to the tech industry. At Cubic, I believe our diverse culture has been a major contributor to the success we have achieved to date.

Cubic HQ plays host to many converging cultures, ethnicities, and races. Nearly 20% of people who live in Dublin (home to Cubic HQ) are not from Ireland originally. The Cubic Team reflects this, with 40% of our workforce made up of non-Irish employees. Our 160 staff members represent over 30 nationalities from all corners of the globe. From Argentina to Australia, our diverse backgrounds and mix of cultures ignite innovation and creativity. We have also opened offices in five other locations, employing local staff in each: Munich, San Francisco, Detroit, Tokyo, and Dubai.

Cubic has incorporated diversity and inclusion principles into recruitment and company culture. We draw on a wider pool of female talent through schemes such as Scoutess Consultancy and STEM Women recruitment events. In terms of representation at a senior level at Cubic, 35% of the leadership positions are filled by non-Irish executives, and women currently hold 36% of these leadership positions. With our varying backgrounds we learn from each other new ways to collaborate and build cutting-edge technologies.

Our Leadership Team recognizes the importance of building a culture that has a deep respect for difference and an acceptance of that difference. By doing this we can bring teams together, celebrating and appreciating each member’s distinct qualities and background.

The Diversity in Tech award ceremony took place virtually on 10th November where finalists and winners were announced. To be recognized among tech giants such as Microsoft, HP Enterprise and Ericsson is a tribute to how much of an impact our multicultural team at Cubic has made on the tech industry to date.

Last week at our weekly company catch-up two female software developers presented to the entire team on the theme of ‘Women in Tech,’ educating us on the stats and raising awareness. They then gave a personal account of working at Cubic as a woman in tech, celebrating the progress we have achieved so far.

Having witnessed first-hand the positive benefits a diverse workplace can bring to company culture and employee engagement I look forward to Cubic playing a more prominent role as an advocate for diversity and inclusion so that more voices are heard equally in the years ahead, not only in Ireland, but across the wider tech industry. We can achieve this through greater awareness of unconscious bias, creating equal opportunities for career development, and empowering potential leaders through mentorship programmes. Read more about Cubic’s approach to diversity and inclusion here.

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