Building a Feedback-Rich Culture to Empower Cubicans

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At Cubic, we are working every day to build a high-performance culture that helps us maintain a competitive edge in the technology arena. With collaboration driving our success forward, we consider employee engagement and development, a vital part of our business strategy.

This past year has been a reminder of the value of staying connected as a team and supporting each other’s growth. With many of us moving to hybrid work models and virtual meetings being the norm, the People Team at Cubic set out to create a stronger feedback culture amongst our 180+ employees globally – beginning with enhancing our communication channels. 

Cultivating a culture of open communication

In our pursuit of continuous improvement, we implemented new digital strategies to help empower employees starting from day one of their Cubic journey. To streamline efficiencies across the organisation, we integrated Our Tandem – an employee experience and performance management system – into our daily routine. This has allowed us to centralise and facilitate direct two-way communication amongst all Cubicans. 

We know that employee engagement has a very real impact on the success of any organisation, so we wanted to utilise a feedback method that was efficient, seamless and user-friendly. By using Tandem’s platform to organise everything from employee surveys to one-to-one meetings, employees across Cubic can make their voices heard in an inclusive, productive and encouraging work environment. 

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Harnessing the power of feedback

In a study published by Harvard Business Review, 72% of employees said they thought their performance would improve if their managers would provide corrective feedback. At Cubic, our experience with Tandem has demonstrated the power of employee engagement for our continued growth.

Since incorporating Tandem’s tools into Cubic’s high-performance strategy, we have recorded nearly 600 feedback exchanges from March to date. In terms of active users, we’ve found that 55% of all feedback has been shared by management versus 45% by employees — indicating clear two-way communication. Moreover, 91% of feedback has been unsolicited, informing us that employees feel empowered to proactively open conversations that accelerate professional advancement, development and co-operation. 

By adapting our performance development process to today’s evolving working environment, Cubic is breaking down barriers and nurturing talent at every opportunity. If you are interested in applying for a role at Cubic Telecom visit our careers page here. 

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