MWC22: It’s great to be back at the Fira!

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Mobile World Congress 2022 kicks off today and the Cubic Telecom is delighted to be here in person.

When the overall themes are ‘Connectivity Unleashed’ and ‘Internet of Everything,’ it’s no surprise that the major trends at this year’s MWC are as diverse as the companies operating in this space.

With everything from automotive to fintech, AI, cryptocurrencies, digital inclusion and robotics, along with the ubiquitous handsets and networking technologies, the possibilities generated by living in a connected world has never been more real. Indeed, as Millicom CEO Mauricio Ramos suggested at his keynote, maybe we need to stop using the words ‘telecom’ or ‘mobile’ and simply say ‘digital infrastructure.’ Because without seamless connectivity, the transformation everyone’s talking about wouldn’t be possible. It’s no longer a ‘nice to have’, a strong connectivity ecosystem has never been more important, and that’s why everyone’s talking about the need for advanced connectivity

We’re busy meeting colleagues, re-connecting with old friends and making some new ones, but in the meantime, a quick round up of some of today’s talking points:

  • AT&T’s Anne Chow talked about a “New age of connectivity, evolution and revolution,” with connectivity playing a central role in that. According to Chow, 5G is as transformational today as when the first smartphones were released.
  • We had leaders from AWS, Telefonica and Salesforce join colleagues on the stage to discuss the power of partnerships in providing services and solutions for diverse global needs. Over on the Industry City stage, Porsche, Deutsche Telkom and the GSMA were among the representatives leading a discussion on the smart mobility revolution. Advanced mobile technologies are shaping and accelerating the transformation of the automotive and transport sectors, and 5G, C-V2X (cellular vehicle-to-everything), mobile edge computing (MEC) and eSIM are just some of the technologies driving exciting changes in that space.

Cubic Telecom stand at MWC 2022

  • Deloitte talked about the use cases that will bridge our physical and digital worlds, including areas such as smart warehousing, asset intelligence and performance, and smart energy consumption.
  • Qualcomm’s Cristiano Amon talked about how “The car is becoming a connected computer on wheels” and how the chipmaker’s new connectivity-as-a-service platform would be a key enabler of innovation in that space.

From our own perspective, Cubic’s highlight of the day was our announcement of a new partnership with Qualcomm: we’re really excited to announce that Cubic Telecom will enable the visibility, analytics, insights and connectivity behind Qualcomm’s innovative car-to-cloud strategy. Our Plxor, Insights and Pace solutions will help the world’s leading chipmaker extend its cloud-based services on Snapdragon chipsets to automotive OEMs globally. You can learn more about that here.

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If you’re attending MWC22, we’d love to meet you – come and say hello, we’re in Hall 7 7D71, in collaboration with Enterprise Ireland.

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