Control the connected experience, bring your own MNO

Connected car
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If 30% of the time people spend in cars will be devoted to interacting with content delivered through in-vehicle entertainment systems, you better believe that connectivity matters.

As innovations like in-vehicle gaming underline, there’s a world of opportunity for automakers to maximise the benefits of connected software and technologies – and high-quality, consistent connectivity will be the bedrock of it all.

The software-defined vehicle is here – and connectivity underpins almost every aspect of its value proposition. That’s why the most innovative automakers understand the importance of controlling that connection. If you’re going to own the connected experience – whether that’s OTA updates, infotainment or feature upgrades – you have to be serious about control, now and in the future. We’re seeing some of that emerge in the trend towards “Bring Your Own MNO” in the automotive industry.

It’s complicated…

For most automakers, the MNO arrangements they have in place today are the result of multiple, highly complex negotiations and integrations. It’s a fundamental part of their development roadmap – knowing that the cars that come out of production in five years’ time will have the 5G or other connectivity technologies in place to support the vision and innovation. As demand for localisation and home-streaming grows, it’s never been more important for OEMs with a global footprint to ensure that every experience – from seamless connectivity to localised internet and the content itself – is both future-proof and compliant.

But how can you replicate the arrangement that works for you in one region with your growing user base in a more complex geography?

Bend, don’t break

Scaling any technology requires flexibility; a lot of automakers want the option to compose their own ecosystem with preferred partners. They want to select their own MNO across regions and negotiate their own data pricing if required. They just need to know that everything is going to work the way they need it to from day one – with predictable costs and the bandwidth to turn the coming data explosion to their advantage.

For Cubic Telecom’s customers, complexity never becomes an issue because we work with a global portfolio of Tier 1 MNOs in over 190 countries worldwide to do the heavy lifting, operating core networks in countries with particularly complex requirements. For customers who want the flexibility of bringing their own MNO, we have the expertise in place to orchestrate and connect, so it all goes to plan – and stays on plan.  Swap your entire fleet from one MNO to a another. Or bring your own MNO.

In a world where the connected experience will be a differentiator, automakers that can control and localise connectivity will be in the driving seat. Learn more about how connectivity is shaping the future of vehicles, from autonomous driving to home streaming and 5G, download our latest eBook, Connected car, connected future today.

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